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Bowing To Elephants Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

My Guest, Tom Bushlack, is the World’s First and only Contemplative Consultant Coach. Tom helps busy professionals eliminate feeling overwhelmed, improve focus and productivity, connect with their purpose guided by divine wisdom. 

He is the host of the podcast “Contemplate This!”, which features interviews with...

Jun 23, 2021

In this Episode, I have a special guest, Christine Hemp who I met over 20 years ago and have always wanted to pick her brain on all matters “Writing”. Christine is a Poet, a Teacher, a Coach and a Writer.

As a teacher, Christine says she feels privileged to have worked with diverse groups of students i.e....

Jun 22, 2021

Today's honored guest is Mark Bittner. Mark is a citizen of San Francisco. He was born, however, in Oregon, and he traveled to Europe and then came back to the US, moved to Seattle, where he spent several years. During that time, he wished to become a professional musician. Things caved in and he ended up spending 14...

Jun 22, 2021

My guest today, Brooke Warner, wears many hats; she is an Author, a Publishing Expert (She Writes Press), a Teacher and a Feminist.  

Her firm “She Writes Press” is a unique, hybrid publishing firm that won the Best Publisher Award in 2019.

Brooke has successfully helped hundreds of women publish their books and has...

Jun 21, 2021

In her international bestseller, Bowing To Elephants, Mag Dimond travelled the world in search of timeless wisdom to find healing, connection & meaning. In the Bowing To Elephants podcast, she brings that wisdom to you. Join Mag in conversation with masters of all kinds to help you live a mindful, meaningful life.