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Bowing To Elephants Podcast

Oct 12, 2021

Today, we have a guest with a true heart for service. Book writing expert and author Ben Gioia has an unrelenting drive to help people make a bigger impact with their story and message. Using strategies from his book, The Influence With A Heart Method, Ben Gioia helps coaches, consultants, speakers, and solopreneurs write high-quality books and get clients before they’re published. 

Ben’s proven method helps aspiring authors get unstuck and get their books done fast! His method opens the door for people enables coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs of all kinds to create the life they want and a business they love…... so they can make a difference with their message.

Ben and I met as volunteers at Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, and it’s been such a wonderful friendship and collaboration! 

What You Hear/Learn/Discover

[2:52]  Ben and Mag discuss the importance of family while Ben shares a story about his great grandfather. 

[05:20]  Ben explains how he helps others minimize their suffering and live a more fulfilled life.  

[8:00] Find out how Ben wrote his second book in a mere three and a half weeks!

[9:05] Ben discusses his transition from traditional marketing to inspiring others to make lasting, positive changes in the world. 

[13:25]  Mag and Ben discuss their spirituality, and Ben shares why he dislikes labeling his beliefs.

[22:05]  Ben talks about his five-week book writing program and the mindfulness techniques he uses.  

[29:12] Learn what Ben thinks is his most defining characteristic.

[33:39] Ben explains why he’s “consistently inconsistent” but never gives up. 

[37:56]  Ben shares his struggles with substance abuse.  

[40:00] Mag talks about positive and negative addictions. 


“By using the tools of meditation, … I can really relax into the feelings and the experience I’m having even the really uncomfortable, unpleasant … feelings because again that’s the pain coming up. But I can [relax] if I don’t get hooked on it, right? If I don’t constrict around it [the unpleasant feeling], if I don’t push it away from me, if I don’t grab on to it, but just relax into it and literally smile into it, then I have an opportunity to just be with that pain as pain. And then let it go, and not let it multiply into suffering.”


“We’re born into a world that has pain as part of the deal. It’s in the contract. Things are gonna hurt physically, emotionally, spiritually … they’re gonna hurt. But I came to understand from my own experiences that the suffering part of it is very often a choice, right? Suffering is what we add on … when we bring other things into the mix beyond just the pain.”


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